I craft ceremonies to celebrate and make memorable significant life events.
These include:

A mother-centric ceremony for those awaiting a birth or marriage.

Celebrates the arrival of a new family member

Healing rituals to help women honour and find support and perspective in the face of tremendous change

(or 'Cronings') To celebrate life’s richness and wrinkles.

Transition Ceremony
"Erica walked alongside me with sensitivity, wisdom and perspective during a time of change and flux. Her open nature and dynamic experience held together a diverse group of friends as we celebrated new beginnings, cried without regret and created a safe, secure space of sharing. Erica's facilitation and nurturing of my ceremony, from the seed of the idea to the weeks that followed the event, was inspiring. What spoke volumes to me was how every person in attendance shared what a moving ceremony it was, and that they wanted to foster more celebration in their lives." - Laura Armstrong

Pre birth - Blessing Way
"I would recommend gorgeous Erica to anyone wanting a birth that represents the spiritual and emotional journey of the individual. One of the highlights of my pregnancy was the beautiful “Blessing way” that Erica organised. She invited friends that I wanted to attend and also contacted those who were overseas and could not attend to send poems or thoughts for me for the special occasion. I had loved one’s celebrate my pregnancy and birth and send special wishes to my unborn child and divine thoughts of strength and positivity for the impending birth. It was a truly magical evening of candlelight, song, tears and laughter, hope, love and bonding!" - Katrina Bayliss