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I empower people to speak and craft their own words so that they can be the centre of their own ceremony. This is a vital skill in Aotearoa, where we are known for our staunch modesty and silent strength, not always our witty performance easeā€¦

Each ceremony I co-create is unique in reflecting the personal style, heritage and stories of the bride and groom.

I have crafted a wide selection of weddings: inter-cultural; spiritual; straight and gay that blend very different family backgrounds in playful, appropriate and memorable ways.

I am an experienced public speaker with speech and drama training. I have been a celebrant for seven years and am a member of the Celebrants Association of NZ.

And I own many cool hats, props and costumes that are just begging to be used for celebrations!

As a savvy award winning collaborative artist my practice relies on my ability to listen, be imaginative and work well with others.

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